Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I clean my recycled bicycle jewelry?

Answer: It's very simple to clean or even to just shine up your bike jewelry.  We use Meguiar's Auto polish but any car polish will work to shine and protect your recycled pieces.  A silver jewelry polish may work too if you have some. Just rub a small amount of the polish all over the piece. Let it sit and dry for 15 min. or more. Now polish it with a soft cloth. Voila, all shiny again!

Question: Can I get my chain link necklace or bracelet wet or will it corrode?

Answer:  Like most of our jewelry you can get it wet BUT it must be dried afterwards. (just like you would dry your bike chain so it does not rust). When we make the jewelry, every piece is individually cleaned and polished to protect it from the elements, however that does not make it water proof! NONE of our jewelry will take kindly to salt water.  So, DO NOT wear it in the ocean. But, it is made from bike parts!  That said, if you make a habit of getting it wet, the necklace (and most of the jewelry) will loose it's shine more quickly. The pieces of jewelry which are most likely to corrode from getting wet are the Ultimate bracelet, the Hidden Link bracelet and the Twisted Chain Link necklaces. We will  NOT warranty our jewelry for corrosion.

Question:  Should I oil my bike chain bracelet?

Answer:  NO, NO, NO.  Never!  See question one above.

Question: I have a special bike chain that I would like to have custom made into a necklace. If I send it to you can you use it to make me a special order.

Answer: Of course we can. In fact we would love to do a custom order for you or anyone else who would like this service. In fact we do it often! Just mail us the recycled parts with your special instructions. When the order is ready we will contact you, you can make your payment through our web site and we will ship you the custom order. It's that easy.

Question: Do you charge extra to do a custom order?

Answer: No we do not charge extra for this service. The only extra expense would be for you to mail the recycled bike parts to us. (as clean as possible please)

Question: I have been trying to place an order on your site and I keep getting an AVS error. What does this mean?

Answer: AVS stands for Address Verification System Code. If the credit card you are using to place the order does not match the billing address, the transaction will not be verified. This is a build in security measure and it is for your own protection.

Question: What size are your bangles?

Answer: The bangles are what we would call an average or medium size ( 7 7/8" inside or 8" outside circumference). However we like to please, so if you would like a smaller or larger size just let us know. We can easily make them 1/2 smaller or larger at your request.

Question: Can any of the pieces on the belt buckle be adjusted?

Answer: No. Please do not try and adjust the spoke piece that is on the back of the buckle. It will snap off if forced. Under normal wear it will should be fine. However, if you do have a problem with any of the parts just send it back to us and we will gladly fix at no charge.
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