Recycled bracelets made with quality, previously enjoyed bicycle parts. Made by cyclists for cyclists.
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Bike Chain Bracelet With Hidden CatchBike Chain Bracelet With Hidden CatchHidden Link Bicycle Chain bracelet made with recycled sram or shamano chains.
Cable Bike Chain BraceletCable Bike Chain BraceletCyclists bike chain bracelet made using recycled shifter cable, single chain links and chain rollers with a unique ball bearing closure.
Cable Bracelet "Boy Loves Girl" Silver BeadsCable Bracelet "Boy Loves Girl" Silver BeadsSterling Silver fun beads.
Cable Bracelet with Letter BeadsCable Bracelet with Letter BeadsAlphabet beads add some fun here.
Center Link Bike Chain BraceletCenter Link Bike Chain BraceletCenter Link Bicycle Chain Bracelet is a lighter, more flexible option than the conventional bike chain bracelet.
Center Link Bracelet with Anodized RingsCenter Link Bracelet with Anodized RingsCenter Link Bracelet takes on a new look!  Anodized rings to match your bike.
Spoke Bangle BraceletSpoke Bangle BraceletSpoke bangle bracelet in silver or black.
Spoke Bangle SetSpoke Bangle SetLook great, sound great!
Staggered Twin Spoke Bracelet.Staggered Twin Spoke Bracelet.Twin Spoke Bracelet has a classy look!
The Ludlow Street BraceletThe Ludlow Street BraceletLooks great worn in multiples of two or three.
Twin Cable Bike Chain BraceletTwin Cable Bike Chain BraceletUnique, Funky design! This recycled bike bracelet comes with silver or black cables (if in stock).
Twisted MisterTwisted MisterMade with recycled bicycle spokes and nothing else.